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NOREXECO, The Pulp and Paper Exchange, is pleased to host a workshop designed to share practical tools and business strategies that producers and consumers of pulp and paper can use to optimize financial exposure to the pulp price.


Workshop program

Pulp and Paper Financial Risk Management Workshop

555 Xizang Middle Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai

Managing risks is part of being in business. Although the outcome of key uncertainties is often dictated by market volatility, the impact of these outcomes is not. Good Risk Management understanding and the possible usage of hedging tools can help mitigate the impact of negative outcomes and help companies take advantage of positive ones, and as such contribute to maximizing shareholder value.

研讨会旨在加深与会人员对金融衍生品的理解和应用。届时,我们将会介绍与纸浆行业紧密相关的各类金融衍生工具,并向您示范 Simulation Finance 风险管理软件,使您对贵公司所面对的金融风险有更明晰的了解与掌控

Seasoned experts will share insights on market dynamics influencing pulp price volatility, and discuss the range and mechanics of risk management tools.


13:00  会议注册与午餐

13:20  对冲市场介绍
  • Common terms and language
  • How futures markets work
  • Futures, forwards and options
  • Explaining key role of markets: pricing and hedging
  • What makes pulp and paper different from other commodities
瑞典SEB银行风险咨询师 Darren Gurner

14:00  具有期货风险的企业走向交易市场的动因
  • Credit Risk and Clearing
  • Product structure and settlement
挪威Norexeco纸浆及造纸交易公司市场总监 Frederik Husebye

14:30  对冲政策和指令介绍
  • Objectives and considerations
  • How to measure your risk
  • Samples of classic hedging structures
挪威Norexeco纸浆及造纸交易公司运营经理 Tor Sletbakken

15:00  休息*

15:10  对冲的机制介绍
  • Physical vs financial
  • Technical analysis
  • Building liquidity
瑞典SEB银行风险咨询师 Darren Gurner

15:40  对冲与市场模拟工具介
  • How hedging effects your earnings and cash flow
  • Exemplifying optimal hedging
挪威Norexeco纸浆及造纸交易公司市场总监 Frederik Husebye

16:10  Norexeco所提供的工具介绍
  • NOREXECO Information Services
  • Live data, news-feed and data analytics
挪威Norexeco纸浆及造纸交易公司运营经理Tor Sletbakken

16:40  提问与交流

17:00  总结

All attendees will be provided with a free trial password to the Commodity Exposure Model delivered by SimulationFinance.

SimulationFinance is a NOREXECO Partner, and is a software as a service (SaaS) company supporting companies making better informed financial decisions. The models are regarded as complete tools for Strategic Financial Planning and Risk Management. It allows to include risk assumptions for pulp, paper, fx and energy showing the range of possible outcomes with powerful fan and distribution charts, and as such a strong tool to assess hedging strategies.


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