Price list

Price list for Trade Members:

Trading fee: 0.50 € per Metric Ton
Clearing fee: 0.10 € per Metric Ton

Electronic Trading System (ETS) – Infrastructure fee:

Historical Price information:

Price list for Non Members:

Historical Price information:

15 minutes delayed price and trade information:

NOREXECO distribute information on the ETS

Real time information Transparency data
  • Trade members get orders and market depth in real time in the ETS.
Pre-trade transparency:

No public distribution of order information. Commodity futures have per MiFID II definition no liquid market and an ‘Illiquid’ waiver is granted to NOREXECO.

  • Trade members get trade information in real time in the ETS.
Post-trade transparency:

Post-trade Information on trades are published free of charge on:

NOREXECO is granted a Post trade transparency waiver and publish Post-trade transparency data by the end of T+1 for 7 days.

Information according to Article 11(2)(c) of Commission delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/567

11(2)(c) Topic Answer
(i) Number of instruments covered; 28
(ii) Total turnover of instruments covered; 49.9 million EUR (2018)
(iii) Pre-trade and post-trade ratio; 37 (2018)

Information on any data provided in addition to market data;


The date of the last licence fee adaption for market data provided;

see bottom of the Pricel List web page.

For more information please see Appendix 3 to the NOREXECO Rulebook.Prices are subject to change after 90 days notification by NOREXECO. Date of last update: 2. January 2018