Risk Management

NOREXECO aims to support the further development of risk management practices of forest related industries.  In addition to offering an electronic marketplace for hedging and trading purposes, NOREXECO will introduce a portfolio management system for financial contracts seamlessly (STP) connected to the marketplace platform with numerous functionalities such as deal blotter, position overview, P/L, maturity list, stress tests and VaR metrics.

Furthermore NOREXECO will establish a Risk Academy for market participants to support the further development of risk management practices within the industries. Besides covering best practice risk management methodologies, the Risk Academy will also include topics such as compliance, risk policy development and internal control procedures related to best practice risk management. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company supporting companies making better informed financial decisions. offer user-friendly financial analysis models with unique risk and simulation capabilities helping companies to gain more financial insight.


Corporate Model
NOREXECO offers access to one of the models offered by Simulation Finance, named the Corporate Model. It is the Complete Tool for Strategic Financial Planning and Risk Management, it is Web-based and allows for sharing and collaboration. It allows to include risk assumptions for pulp, fx and energy showing the range of possible outcomes with the powerful fan charts and distribution charts.