NOREXECO AS - Unleasing the potential of renewables!

NOREXECO will offer a fully regulated environment for trading derivatives in the wood, recycled fibre and pulp industries. The exchange will provide equal conditions for all participants and facilitate complete price transparency. In cooperation with European Commodity Clearing AG, we will offer efficient clearing services which will enable all NOREXECO members to substantially mitigate counterparty credit risk, while at the same time optimize their market exposure.

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The first international commodity exchange to use the new trading platform


NOREXECO has been selected to be among the first commodity exchanges in the world to utilize Deutsche Börse’s new trading technology Read more…


Morten Erichsen joins the NOREXECO management team


Morten Erichsen is recently employed as Chief Operating Officer at NOREXECO.

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FOEX publishes revised methodology


FOEX announced the publication of a revised methodology for compiling its PIX European pulp price indices. Read more…


NOREXECO invites to workshop in London October 23.


Exchange clients of NOREXECO and General Clearing Members of European Commodity Clearing will meet in London

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