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NOREXECO will offer a fully regulated environment for trading derivatives in the wood, recycled fibre and pulp industries. The exchange will provide equal conditions for all participants and facilitate complete price transparency. In cooperation with European Commodity Clearing AG, we will offer efficient clearing services which will enable all NOREXECO members to substantially mitigate counterparty credit risk, while at the same time optimize their market exposure.

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NOREXECO receives licence from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance


NOREXECO is now licensed as a regulated marketplace / exchange. For more information please read the press release.

Press release 2014 09 17 (pdf)


Skog22 project report


The Norwegian Skog22 fibre working group suggests that resources should be allocated to consider making a “lumber exchange”.  Read more…


NOREXECO attends at the RISI latin-American pulp and paper conference in August


RISI have arranged for NOREXECO to have it’s own brake out session at the conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil  August the 12th. Read more…


Forensic Services and Transaction Surveillance Services by PWC


NOREXECO and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) have entered a framework agreement on services related to investigations and Integrity due diligence. Read more…