NOREXECO AS - Unleasing the potential of renewables!

NOREXECO is a regulated commodity exchange specialised for the global pulp and paper industry. NOREXECO offers trading in cash settled financial futures. These instruments are used to manage price risk for market participants like producers and consumers as well as being a trading opportunity for commodity trading firms.

Together with strong partners like the European Commodity Clearing AG, Deutsche Boerse Group and FOEX Indexes Ltd, NOREXECO brings market participants from many regions together around a common liquidity pool in an otherwise fragmented trading environment. Anonymous trading, transparency, guaranteed settlement and investor protection within a regulated environment makes NOREXECO an attractive marketplace for hedging and trading.

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From the PPI Magazine – A practical guide for hedging


A new regulative regime requires a need to monitor and to Read more…

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Revised guidelines for PIX Pulp Europe


NOREXECO uses the PIX Pulp Europe indexes delivered by FOEX as settlement Read more…

Carolyn Jackson

Risk Management and the duty to hedge


“Corporate directors and executives have an obligation to their shareholders to protect the core business operations rather than implicitly exposing them Read more…

RISI Chicago

NOREXECO introduced at Chicago Conference


CEO Stein O. Larsen presented the opening of NOREXECO at the RISI North American Conference in Chicago 29 September. Read more…